My two sons with autism ARE NOT the reason I suffer from depression…

I read an article today

Autism and Parent Narratives: Why Words Matter

It was a very good article written by @mamabegood, who I follow on Twitter. I’ve not been on Twitter long but I like her posts so far and what I have seen of her blog. If I’m not mistaken, the crux of the article is that if autism is constantly talked about with negativity then that is how the public will (and do) perceive it. To change this, we need to change how we talk about autism. Forgive me, if I have misunderstood the article Mama Be Good. I hope I have not misrepresented you in any way.

It made me think of many blogs I have read recently. Indeed, many are about the trials and tribulations of parenting a child on the autistic spectrum. This is comforting as a parent, to know that you are not alone. They often also give hope. I love reading Autistic Kids Grow Up because it gives me information and hope for the future as the lady writing the blog is on the journey I shall be on in a few years. I also went on a parenting course recently with my, then, fiance to give him an overview of autism and refresh my knowledge. It was amazing how many times I said, “Oh, Son No. 2 used to do that but he doesn’t anymore, he has learnt….”. It was probably quite irritating too! However, it made me realise how far he has come in the past 11 years. I was awesomely proud of him by the end of the course and remain so.

Then it made me think, yes, for an “outsider” or someone new to autism it could all be very daunting and quite scary to start getting information from blogs like ours. There could indeed be more scope for positivity. I “liked” a page on Facebook today, Autism: Different, Not Less, the page name sort of sums up such a sentiment. I love the quirky sayings my two autistic sons come out with and their quirky view of the world. I keep meaning to write them down then forget them before I do (note to self, add new WordPress page for sayings…). My friend and I are often in stitches over something one of our autistic children have said or done. Son No. 4 completely charmed Lovely Hubby’s family on a recent visit which just the two of them went on. He came back with a new nickname, Little Lord Fauntleroy, as a result.

So moving on to my blog. There is much going on in my life at the moment so my posts encompass many things. I cannot stress enough however, that my autistic sons ARE NOT the reason behind my depression. All of my children, including the ones with autism, provide me with a reason for living, with a love that grows every day which illuminates my life, with a lioness’s protectiveness and with joy. They are my light in the darkness, they bring out the best in me and give me the strength to face the world. I have overcome mountains through the strength they have given me and shall continue to do so.

There. I hope that is clear.

6 thoughts on “My two sons with autism ARE NOT the reason I suffer from depression…

  1. Lovely post! your kids are lucky to have you! and you are lucky to have them!

  2. Thank you, madness. I appreciate your feelings and honesty and the courage it took to write this. I look forward to tweeting with you!

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  4. […] My two sons with autism ARE NOT the reason I suffer from depression… ( […]

  5. […] My two sons with autism ARE NOT the reason I suffer from depression… ( […]

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