Why I’ve given up on romance novels

I grew up reading romances from the earliest age. Not just Judy Blume as a teen. I was reading Danielle Steele in middle school and sucking up the romance, in awe of the mind blowing sex, believing it would all, one day, happen to me.

Well, it didn’t. Not the romance. Not the mind blowing sex. I lurched from one disastrous relationship to another with completely unsuitable people searching for the “one”, for the story. It didn’t happen. Not once.

Since my divorce, I can’t read romances anymore – except when I proofread books of a very good friend of mine. I’ve started reading crime novels, thrillers, psychological thrillers. Anything but romances. The reason is simple. They just aren’t real.

Example: Recently I went to a Save the NHS meeting locally. If it had been a novel, there would have been a tall, athletically built man with black/salt & pepper/blonde hair and twinkling blue / warm brown eyes brimming with passion about .. well, saving the NHS. There was a rotund bearded gentleman, a trainspotter and a teacher couple. I didn’t go looking for romance, you understand. I went because I want to save the NHS. I’m just pointing out the difference between books and real life. I can’t read the lies anymore. I just don’t believe it happens.

I’m going to another political meeting this week. Again, I’m going for a cause, not to meet someone. But if my life were a novel there would be the tall, athletically built man with twinkling eyes. There won’t be.

That’s it really. I can’t read romance any more. It isn’t real.

My wife and child are disabled, I care for them. Govt have made our lives a living hell. No government should do this to citizens.

This, just this…

Thomas Hemingford

I have no idea why my wife and I ever bothered paying into the system. Which, in turn, means we wonder why we ever bothered working.

People buy into all the TV productions, media headlines and political nonsense about benefits. But the likes of newspaper stories, “Benefits Street” or Benefits Britain are not factually typical or realistic. They are far from representative, and always one-sided.

There is a great myth that has been spun by the government and media; the myth is that welfare benefits were too generous, too high and needed to be cut.

However, the reality is very different from this image that has skewed people’s perceptions of welfare. The truth is that welfare benefits were never too high. Far from it, they were in fact inadequate.

The truth is that pay levels have been and still are grossly insufficient. Combined with high prices and a high cost…

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NHS -We Can’t Let Harry Down

Spot on…. This is what’s happening folks, wake up!


NHS – We Can’t Let Harry Down



Part 1
The loss of  a loved one is the most heartbreaking emotions we ever endure but to experience it when your just a kid leaves a scar that never really heals. When I read the book by Harry Leslie Smith called Harry’s Last Stand, you are left in no doubt that the death of his sister Marion from TB when she was just a child affected Harry deeply. This was Britain in the 1920’s & 30’s, the great depression had taken hold and being ill was like a game of Russian roulette only with several more bullets in the revolver. Harry’s Mother & Father couldn’t afford to pay for Marion’s treatment, in severe pain she was taken to the workhouse infirmary, she died not long after and was buried in an un-named paupers pit with all the other victims of poverty.

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Why you need to support the junior doctors: An open letter to members of the British public about the junior doctor crisis.

Derby People's Assembly

An open letter to members of the British public about the junior doctor crisis.

Junior Doctors Leeds Demo 28 Nov 2015 (c) Luke Farley

Junior Doctors Leeds Demo Nov 2015 (c) Luke Farley

This letter has been written by A&E consultant Dr Rob Galloway.

“I am writing for your help in trying to stop the unprecedented damage happening to the NHS. Please read, share, like, tweet and tell your friends.

As someone who has the privilege of working for the NHS as an A&E doctor I see first hand what is happening. Please trust the real doctors and not the spin-doctors.

The NHS is on its knees and unless things change, it may not survive. It has been attacked, part privatised, demoralised and starved of funds.

We have tried to highlight what is going on; through the media, marches, speeches and endless tweets and Facebook posts. But it is not working. Things are getting worse and the NHS, which we all…

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